To make an appointment with a Psychologist at Buckinghamshire Psychology, you do not require a GP or Psychiatry referral. However, if you are claiming through your private insurance, a referral may be necessary. Currently, Buckinghamshire Psychology is not registered with a specific insurance provider; therefore, please contact your insurance provider for requirements. We are happy to briefly discuss any questions or concerns you may have prior to your first appointment via e-mail or phone.

Please fill in the fields and select your options to request your appointment. We will contact you shortly to arrange a time.

Your first appointment is your time to explain your thoughts, feelings, symptoms, and current coping styles. It’s an assessment period that provides an opportunity for the Psychologist to understand the nature of your difficulties.
Please contact Buckinghamshire Psychology 48 hours in advance to inform us of a cancellation or rescheduling. If you miss and appointment without prior notification full session rates will be charged.
Our Psychologist will give you a three-week notice prior to the end of therapeutic services, unless the safety of Buckinghamshire Psychology staff members is at risk. Any safety concerns will result in immediate termination of the therapeutic relationship.
Please contact Buckinhgam Psychology for details of fee structures.
Payments should be made on the day of therapy or prior to a session. Payment methods accepted: Cheque/Cash/Credit Cards via PayPal, and Bank Transfers.