Welcome to therapy!

Welcome to therapy!

Welcome to Buckinghamshire Psychology 

Are you wondering if you belong here or if therapy is something you should consider.  Well, if you’re on this page than there is a good chance you’ve already decided to consider therapy.

What is therapy?

Therapy is a process where two individuals (a therapist) and a patient (you) sit together and discuss various areas of your life that are concerning you or confusing you; without the judgement of those that know you.  Its a place for healing, security, and a peace of mind. It is a place where we learn a lot about ourselves and our behaviours.  Therapy is security.

How long is therapy:

Most sessions are 50-60 minutes in length. Some can be shorter depending on what you require or need in session.  On average most therapist recommend 5-8 sessions.  After these sessions are complete you can sit with your therapist and decide if you would like to continue with therapy sessions.  There is no restrictions on the length of treatment and how long you want to be in therapy.

What happens in a therapy session?  Do I have to lie on a couch?

Lying on a couch is no longer required!  Instead, clients come into an office (that’s usually quite comfortable) and talk to the therapist.  Sometimes the therapist will have a plan for what to talk about during that session; at other times, the client drives the conversation.

This is your therapy, so again you get to choose!

How does confidentiality work?

Basically, whatever you say in therapy, stays in therapy.  However, there are times when a therapist is legally obligated to break confidentiality:

  • Harm to self or others.  If a therapist believes that you are in imminent danger of hurting yourself or someone else, a family member, police or ambulance will be called to ensure safety.
  • A child under the age of 16 or older adult in care is in danger.  In these cases Family and Children’s Services or the police will be called.
  • A client experienced a health emergency during a session.  In this case, medical staff would be provided only with necessary information.  No information  about why a client is in therapy will be shared.


Please watch this space, our Psychologist will be updating you with the latest thoughts, chats, articles and information on mental health services. – Dr Shireen Saluja (Director)