Is environment really important??

Is environment really important??

Not sure who this person is or if he really said this quote. However, we will tell you this is spot on. Many parents come into our clinic and ask so many questions related to their children’s behaviour.

-Why is jimmy shouting so much?
-Jimmy doesn’t do his homework and only wants to play video games.
-Jimmy wont listen to us -He is aggressive and we are afraid of him.

Jimmy doesn’t sound very nice does he. However, our role is to see was Jimmy born this way or is there a possibility that his environment has influenced his behaviour.

what we model for our kids they become. What we say to them becomes their internal voice. How we respond to them becomes their expectation of others.

If a child is seeing shouting or aggressive behaviour at home; the child becomes 1) the aggressor or 2) the victim as they grow.

If we tell our child that they are trouble makers … you guessed it.. they become trouble makers. They play the roles they are taught to play.

If we ignore their needs, thoughts or behaviour they start thinking they are unworthy of love and care. They expect the world to do the same.

Our flowers (children) do not need to change; the soil (foundation) we raise them on does. Of course there are some pre disposed genetic conditions that influence behaviour, but if the foundation is firm change can take place.

Water your flowers they will blossom.

Dr Saluja