Silvia Roach, PgD

Child and Adolescent Counselor

Silvia is an integrative child and adolescent counsellor using art, play, music, body movement, mindfulness, meditation, games, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and psychoeducation. Integration of all the above gives one a better understanding of the internal working model and subconscious process of the child. She incorporates and works from the basis of attachment theory as well as neuroscience amongst other theories.

She believes each child/young person can reach their potential and emotionally grow with the right support. She supports the young person’s emotional well-being and work systematically. This means, the child is understood within various systems, which includes the family system, as well as the school and social life. Working in alliance with the family and the school (teachers, TAs etc.) brings better outcomes for the child’s well-being.


EXPERIENCE: ACEs – adverse childhood experiences or childhood developmental trauma, complex trauma, PTSD, anxiety, bereavement, low self-esteem, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, neglect, domestic violence amongst others.


TRAINING: I trained at Terapia, accredited by Middlesex University. Terapia is an integrative therapy centre providing training for child and adolescent psychotherapists, counsellors and supervisors. Terapia is accredited by UKCP and Middlesex University.


DYADIC THERAPY: This therapy is for a parent/guardian and a young person. This is based on relationship building and strengthening the attachment, secure base, for the young person and parent. Creative tools are used to help this relational process.


CHILDREN – 0 to 5 years: One to one therapy is offered to children from infancy, helping parents to bond with their child as well as helping the parent to cope with emotional distress.

CHILDREN – 6 to 11 years: Primary school can be challenging for some children and can bring lot of anxiety, negative feelings or change in behaviour. Therapeutic tools are used to communicate with the child and to understand their internal working model.

ADOLESCENTS – 12-18 years: Smooth transition to secondary school with the help of counselling can provide the young person with different tools as well as managing emotions and feelings about the transition and change of environment. Young people can become vulnerable at times and therapy will provide them safe space to explore their emotional state as well their thoughts.


Child/Adolescent Counselling involves:
• Parent meeting – Child through the eyes of a parent; Consent form signing.
• Child assessment – using creative arts.
• Decision if therapy is right for the child. If not, signposting to other services.
• Therapy commences on weekly or fortnightly basis – agreed by both parties.

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