Welcome to Buckinghamshire Psychology. The decision to enter psychological therapy is an important one and this website is designed to direct and support you in making the right choices for you.

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We provide face-to-face individual therapy for psychological difficulties and interpersonal development. Psychological therapy can help you deal with varying degrees of difficulties, life issues or symptoms of psychological disorders. Issues that can be addressed in psychological therapy include: lack of confidence and/or low self-esteem, difficulties in sustaining relationships, bereavement and other losses, depression, anxiety, difficulty in expressing feelings, loneliness, cultural issues, trauma, abuse, phobia etc. Engaging in Psychological therapy empowers you to control your life and encourages a healthy mind-body development for a healthier you.

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We have a range of therapies that can help

Narrative Therapy
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
Play Therapy
Psychometric Testing
Neuropsychological Testing